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Gen-Tech Inc. is a fully licensed and insured installation company with over 20 years of experience in turn key installation. We handle everything from start to finish and all work is performed by Gen-Tech employees.
​Engineering + Site Plan | Generator Sizing | Electrical Drawings | Site Prep | Concrete Foundation | Scheduling with Utility Providers | Permits | Electrical
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At Gen-Tech, it is our goal to provide industrial generators that can handle all of your power-related demands.


We supply everything a growing industry may need to ensure superior power supply services. From oil and gas and railroads, to waste and water and utilities, you can trust us to keep your industrial services running smoothly and successfully. 

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Gen-Tech Inc. performs services on all make and models of generators and transfer switches.


If a problem should arise, our service center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions, address any concern you may have, and provide any support you may require at. Call us for service at (877) 228-8238.

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We are a Certified Doosan Dealer as well as a certified warranty center for the following generators and transfer switches:

  • Gen-Tech Industrial, Commercial and Mobile

  • Generac Industrial Residential

  • Kholer Residential and Light Commercial

  • Briggs & Stratton Residential 

  • Gillette Industrial, Commercial and Mobile

  • Yamaha Portables

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With GSA, TXMAS, and Hubzone certifications, we have shown the highest levels of dependability and quality to supply government entities with generators, light towers, transfer switches and other emergency power items.


Gen-Tech has experience working with municipalities of all sizes and we work diligently and effectively to meet every requirement and guideline.

GSA Contract # GS-07F-0494V

TXMAS # TXMAS-11-56040

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At Gen-Tech, custom is what we do best. We manufacture entirely from start to finish to ensure your high quality generator build continuously performs to specification with minimal maintenance costs, negligible downtime and a responsive service function.

Our engineer team tailors your custom generator to fit your needs and space requirements. Contact us to talk about your specific power needs.



Our Emergency Power Systems can be built to specification for all mobile applications, ranging from emergency vehicles and drilling support equipment to race car trailers.


Our mobile generators boast the finest selection of parts available and offer a wide range of power output choices for even the most demanding applications.



Backup and remote power sources are not a luxury item, they are beyond critical to your wellbeing and survival as an agricultural business.


In fact, Gen-Tech has been providing reliable back up power for poultry farms, hog farms, dairy farms, greenhouse facilities, and more for years! 

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Severe weather can knock out the power with ease, which can cause some serious problems affecting your home and loved ones! 


If the power goes out, you can rest easy knowing that your generator will supply the necessary backup power you need to protect your home, family and assets. For more information about home installations, visit our residential site at



  • NFPA 110 Startup and commissioning

  • Onsite Resistive Load Testing

  • Fuel Testing

  • Control Upgrades from older analog

  • Removal Decommissioning

  • Complete Unit Overhaul

  • Unit Relocation

Service Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (877) 228-8238
GA Electrical Contractors License # EN217734
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