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Custom Generators


Why choose Custom?

Having your own custom built generator can help fit your needs and space requirements, while meeting and exceeding your power source expectations.

Why choose Gen-Tech Customs?

At Gen-Tech, custom is not only what we do best, it's also something we manufacture entirely from start to finish to ensure your generator build is high quality and continuously performs to specification with minimal maintenance costs, negligible downtime and a responsive service function.

What power sources do they use?

Our custom built generators are made to run on several power sources including diesel, gas, and liquid propane.

How do I get one Custom Built?

Our engineering team tailors these generators to your needs and matches the size of the unit to your specified space requirements. To get your quote today click here. 

Or call us today

Darren Queen – President, Agriculture

and Industrial/Commercial sales and


877-228-8238 (office)

770-530-8091 (cell)

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