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Residential Portable & Standby Generators

Residential Portable & Standby Generators

Severe weather can knock out the power with ease, which can cause some serious problems for residential areas. Gen-Tech and City Electric Supply offer residential generators that have been helping to provide a worry-free lifestyle for homeowners nationwide. If the power goes out, you can rest easy knowing that your generator will supply the necessary power you need to protect your home, family, and assets.

Gen-Tech’s residential generators provide backup power effortlessly and can come equipped with built-in detectors that monitor incoming utility lines so you can continue your daily operations with practically no interruption. City Electric Supply can provide customers with contacts to qualified technicians who can locally deliver and install the generator that suits your needs, and are prepared to assist any of your unique requirements.

City Electric Supply provides Gen-Tech’s complete line of portable and standby generators to supply you with the power you need, when and where you need it. From premium units to contractor grade equipment, we guarantee the highest level of efficiency, along with consistently reliable power that is cost-effective to purchase and to use.

For all homes, especially those located in remote locations or areas that are prone to extreme weather, our reliable generators are the perfect backup power solution.  Our Emergency Power Systems for residential use are specifically designed to help you back up the main circuits in your house when utility power is lost. Let Gen-Tech and City Electric Supply help you find a portable or standby generator that best meets your family's needs.

Don't know what size generator you need to power your home? Check out our handy generator size guide to help you find out how. Also, find out which generator fuel type is the best fit for your needs.

To learn more about our residential generators, click here to send us an email or call our 24/7 service center at (877) 228-8238.

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