Why Custom?

In today’s world, not many people are aware that they can source a custom-built, quality product that fits their every need. But at Gen-Tech, custom is not only what we do best, it’s also something we manufacture entirely – from start to finish. Whether you are seeking a power source to run your mobile MRI machine, your oil rigs, a cold storage warehouse or as backup for your company’s headquarters, Gen-Tech exists to build a customized solution that fits your needs and space requirements, while meeting and exceeding your power source expectations. 

We are a turnkey solution for all custom generator needs ranging from engineering and designing to building and installation, and any ongoing maintenance along the way. We believe custom generators should solve problems, work effectively and be cost-efficient and we are dedicated to helping customers decide which generator is right for them. Our genset builds are detailed and complex, but are high quality, meaning that our generators are engineered to continuously perform to specification with minimal maintenance costs, negligible downtime and a responsive service function.  

We work with a wide range of makes and parts, including Cummins, GE, Generac, John Deere and Perkins. In order to assure the highest quality product that handles the job reliably, efficiently and economically, our engineering staff will design a system that is then assembled by our team of technicians.

Our custom built generators are made to run on several power sources. We produce diesel generators, gas generators, and liquid propane (LP) generators. Our engineering team tailors these generators to your needs and matches the size of the unit to your specified space requirements. We also service and supply parts for any and all generators we produce.

Whether for industrial, mobile, agricultural, residential, portable or commercial units, Gen-Tech is your one-stop shop for all of your custom design needs. Our custom core power units can be built to specification for most mobile units, ranging from emergency vehicles to racecar trailers. Our backup generators provide power for the largest hospital to the smallest data center. All of our units are built for various applications ranging from a small basement generator room to a dedicated power supply floor. 

Whatever your power needs may be, Gen-Tech has the solution for you. At Gen-Tech, our expert team of engineers handles every detail of the production, and our specialists work diligently to provide support to keep your Power System running around the clock. At Gen-Tech, we don’t just build a custom product – we build the necessary support as well needed to keep your product going.

To learn more about our custom generators, contact us via email or call our 24/7 service center at 877-228-8238. We will connect you with a skilled engineer who can further help you determine the best model for your power needs.