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Engine Coolant Heaters

Engine Coolant Heaters

One of the best ways to ensure an engine on a generator works properly and efficiently is to keep the engine at an optimal temperature. An accessory that is commonly used for maintaining engine warmth is called the engine coolant heater. With a high-quality engine coolant heater, your Gen-Tech generator will be able to perform reliably in even the harshest of weather conditions.

One of the key reasons why Gen-Tech’s engine coolant heaters are so vital to the overall function of the generator is because it ensures quick starting in cold winter months. The heater also works in conjunction with the battery warmer in order to provide an even faster start up capability. In addition to acting as a starter aid, Gen-Tech’s engine coolant heater also helps:

  • Reduce engine wear – Warming the engine also ensures that that the lubricating oils are kept warm. This makes it easier for them to be pumped to the appropriate areas during the start cycle. This, in turn, can reduce engine wear up to 50%.
  • Save fuel – With an engine coolant heater, you won’t have to leave your engine idling in order to maintain the proper temperature. And by decreasing idling time, you will be able to save fuel.
  • Cut down on exhaust emissions – When engines are operating at their optimal temperature, they don’t emit as many emissions upon start up.
  • Decrease the drain on batteries– Starting an engine when cold can put significantly more stress on a battery system than it would if it were warmed before.
  • Avoid the risk of water buildup– It’s important to keeping the engine warmer in cold temperatures, because it considerably reduces water buildup in the engine due to condensation.

As with all key components, regular maintenance is important to help keep the equipment in tip-top shape so it can be ready to perform its function when necessary. For questions or concerns, Gen-Tech provides a 24/7 service center at that is committed to helping you with all of your generator needs. Click here to send us an email or call our 24/7 service center at (877) 228-8238.

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