When you’re in the crop, produce or livestock business, controlling the atmosphere around you is crucial to success. If the cooling system in a poultry grow house goes down during the summer months, the entire house can be lost in less than 10 minutes. Backup and remote power sources are not a luxury item, they are beyond critical to your wellbeing and survival as an agricultural business.

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We know how competitive the marketplace is, and that you have numerous choices when seeking power solutions. One-stop shop partners that help to outfit your operation may simply be looking to “check boxes off a list”, and don’t fully understand that generator is more than a commodity; it’s a matter of success for your bottom line.

We want to stress that we understand that your business makes it crucial to have a reliable generator that will carry the load when it’s needed the most. At Gen-Tech, we are committed to providing nothing but the best for our clients and have worked diligently to create a full line of generators that agricultural facilities can rely on for dependable power anytime, anywhere. In fact, Gen-Tech has been providing reliable back up power for poultry farms, hog farms, dairy farms, greenhouse facilities, and more for over 20 years.

As pioneers in the generator and power industry, we use only the most innovative technologies to stay up to date on all applications so we can provide exceptional products and services at competitive prices.

Having a backup generator is not a luxury, but a necessity to keep a farm running, as a power outage can be devastating to a farm’s bottom line. Gen-Tech has kept countless American farms running without a hitch since 1995 and we have the expertise to provide your farm / ag operation with the generator that perfectly fits your needs.

Gen-Tech is located in the heart of poultry country, and with our extensive history working with poultry farms, we are the foremost expert in the generator industry when it comes to understanding your needs and the demands of your operation.

To learn more about our agriculture power solutions, contact us or call our 24/7 service center at 877-228-8238.

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